So cool it’s almost unfair.

Unlock the power of your passion, products and solutions like never before with ProposalApp™. Web-based, video-enhanced proposals that put your ideas on top and the competition on their heels. It’s time to rock it.

Make selling sexy again.

Welcome to the evolution in sales:
The web-based, video-enhanced, totally track-able proposal. With ProposalApp™ you control everything. Include your logo, colors, links, video, images and the best you can put out there to win it. And then track it to close.

Want to see what it’s like to get one of these in your email box?

Make Selling Sexy Again

Check out this on-board camera widget that let’s you film from the cozy comfort of anywhere.

Unleash Your Personality*.

(* does not apply to people without a personality)

Time Starved? Here’s a Plateful.

Do you even remember what simple looked like? How much time do you spend re-creating proposals each time? Quick, do you even know where all your best proposals are located?

Yeah. Say no more.

ProposalApp™ enables you to create master proposals that can
be re-used, edited or customized over and over with a click
and a smile. With our Proposal Library you can build,
tweak and send in minutes.

You may now drink from the chalice of “thank you”

Track. Measure. Dominate.

Yes, it’s true.
We really did build ProposalApp™
with you in mind. We know you.
We understand your world.
And we like it when you crush
your quota like a beer can.

ProposalApp™ enables professionals to
track how many proposals are on the
street, what their status is, and
whether or not they’ve been viewed
by prospects. Oh, and you can do

Yes. We love you too.

Track.  Measure.  Dominate.

You Win Some. You Lose Some.

Have a few proposals out there? Have a few that are hot and some that have gone cold?
And do you have several sales people out there with their own win/lose ratio and “don’t know” status?
When was the last time you asked yourself, “what the heck is going on around here?”

Enter Happiness

Mobile. Portable.

‘Crazy busy’ just got a new best friend.

Running around with your hair on fire? You go. ProposalApp™ is ready. We’re mobile, iPad and Android enabled to support your entire team ramp-up no matter where they are or how fast they’re moving.

No contracts and no credit card required.