Ingeniously designed for the following uses:

Do you sell ideas? Do you close deals based on the value of your professional opinion or the merits of the experiences you create for others? Hats off to you because that’s a tough sell.

ProposalApp™ is ideal for consultants, financial advisors and insurance professionals, therapists and counselors, professional speakers and professional coaches.

With ProposalApp™, video can keep you top of mind and connect the value you create in a tangible, energizing way that leaves them hungry for more.

Do you sell innovative solutions? How about advertisements, public relations strategies or marketing campaigns? Do you take photos or create beautiful logos or art for a living? How about websites, online apps or building designs?

ProposalApp™ is ideal for architects, engineers, graphic designers, artists, photographers, marketing, public relations and advertising freelancers and firms.

With ProposalApp™, multimedia can showcase your images and video can bring your essence into the equation.

Do you have multiple sales professionals out on the street in territories across a wide geographic? Keeping them in line, singing from the same hymnal and honestly reporting their performance is a tough role.

ProposalApp™ is ideal for sales managers and VPs of Sales who need consistency, analytics and real time reporting of activity.

With ProposalApp™ you can see how many proposals are out, what they’re worth and what your close ratio is through a single dashboard.

Do you sell cars, real estate, boats or planes? How about jewelry or antiques? If the product you rep is a pricier investment you want every advantage to keep them motivated. Well if a picture is worth 1000 words, what’s a video worth?

ProposalApp™ is ideal for realtors, car dealerships, jewelers, yacht clubs, antique dealers, and anyone selling an expensive, feature-rich product.

With ProposalApp™ video can detail the details and show your product’s best side in a compelling light that really expresses the value.